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Wasting Money In Las Vegas

Wasting money in Las Vegas

We just came back from a six-day trip to Las Vegas. Mrs. PR and I like getting a way a few times per year to get some sun and sit by a pool. Las Vegas is a quick easy flight, in a few hours we are out of the rain and into sunshine. We don’t usually do much gambling, we might splurge on a show. Other than people watch, walking the strip, Fremont Street, we are usually at the pool. In Vegas the food is great, the portions are huge, but it is expensive. For example buffet $25-$38/ large coffee $3:50-$4:25/Beer $8 & up/Wine $20 & up/Burgers $12-$15/resort fees $30 per night. With the Canadian dollar at 0.78 after the exchange rate it is fairly expensive.



The opulence of Las Vegas is amazing, you can walk past a blackjack table with a minimum bet of $10,000, or people playing the $25 slot machine where the minimum is a hundred dollars a pull. Even if I had millions of dollars I just can’t see myself wasting money like that. It’s fascinating to me that people work so hard for their money and waste it away gambling. I know some hit it big but really how many do!?



For the two flights from Victoria and five nights at the Excalibur hotel was $940 Canadian. We spent $1050 Canadian while we where there. The total budget flights, hotel, and spending money was $1990 Canadian. Some would say it was a waste of money and a younger Steve would agree. But for old guy Steve, experiences are never a waste of money.

10 best places to retire

International Living 10 best places to retire

I recently read an article at International Living website, about 10 best places to retire. I am not sure what my favorite place to retire would be. Probably somewhere down in south/central America or Mexico. At least for the winter months I would like to go for the sun and the cheaper cost of living. I think the first couple years of full-time retirement we will RV around North America. We are RVers and love our camping/RV adventures.  I have received a daily email International Living Postcard for years now, and they are inspirational especially receiving them in the middle of winter. It’s always nice to dream.

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