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mildew on roses

I have a natural trick for mildew and black spot for your roses. Baking soda and water. It’s simple and it works. You have to start at the beginning of the season when the leaves come out and religiously spray once a week before any mildew shows up – it’s a great preventative. Mix 1 tsp baking soda per liter of water and put it in a spray botte. I have also heard people using 1 tsp vegetable oil,1 tsp vinegar,1 tsp baking soda per 1 liter of water, but I have only used baking soda and water. Do you have any natural ways for a fungicide ?

Natural way to eradicate aphids

Since this blog is all things retirement I thought I would throw in a gardening section .I certainly don’t want this to be a gardening blog but I have 30+ years in the horticulture field. That being said I have a natural way to get rid of aphids and other bugs on your plants. It’s a rhubarb slurry. I put the green tops of rhubarb in a bucket of water and leave it for a week or so and then take the water out and put it in a spray bottle and spray the bugs. You can use this on house plants as well as your veggies. It works great and saves using expensive insecticides.