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Storing Dahlia’s for the winter

It’s that time again to start getting the garden ready for the winter. Mrs PR loves dahlia’s so we have lots of nice varieties for cut flowers. But being on the wet west coast we have to store them inside for the winter.
Here is what I do
-Early September I label them name/size/color –
-After the first frost I dig up the tubers
-Then cut off all the foliage and place them on the lawn
-With a garden hose I wash off all the soil
-Put a garbage bag in a storage container or box with a little bit of peat moss
-Put a layer of tubers and cover with peat moss and continue layering till the container is full
-I store them in my cold workshop till spring and plant directly in the ground.
Start the process over again in September

That’s all we do

word of the week Credit

Investopedia Definition¬†‘Credit’

Credit is a contractual agreement in which a borrower receives something of value now and agrees to repay the lender at some date in the future, generally with interest. Credit also refers to an accounting entry that either decreases assets or increases liabilities and equity on the company’s balance sheet. Additionally, on the company’s income statement, a debit reduces net income, while a credit increases net income.