Eagle Nook Resort on BC West Coast

Eagle Nook Resort and Lucky Sportfishing

In my line of work (Horticulture) there is very little work related travel opportunities other than trade shows and since I own the company I end paying the bill anyhow. I recently had the privilege to do a working/vacation at Eagle Nook Resort on the west coast of Vancouver Island.

Eagle Nook Resort is situated in Barkley Sound on Vancouver Island’s west coast, it has world-class salmon and halibut fishing. You can experience fully guided fishing charters, hiking trails, kayaking, paddle boarding, Bamfield tours, Broken Island group tours, eco adventure tours, and everywhere you look is wildlife.

Getting There

Accessible only by boat, helicopter, or float plane. The staff can arrange your travel options, or if you happen to be on Vancouver Island, (which I highly recommend) you can drive to Port Alberni and be picked up by water taxi from China Creek Marina. From China Creek it is a beautiful 50 min boat ride down the Alberni inlet to the resort.

The Resort

Eagle Nook has 17 rooms, and 2 cabins, the building is situated on a 78 acre peninsula so you are surrounded by water on both sides. There is hiking trails thru out the property with tons of wildlife.
It is truly luxurious with amazing dining. (2 thumbs up to the chefs). The back deck has a hot tub overlooking Vernon Bay so you can sit in the hot tub and have a few beverages and scenery watch.

The Fishing

Fishing on the west coast of Vancouver Island is world-class for salmon and halibut. Lucky Sportfishing provides fully guided fishing adventures from Eagle Nook Resort.
They have all of the best equipment and run 26 to 28 ft Grady White boats. You can fish inside Barkley Sound and the Broken Islands or they will take you off shore fishing.
There is no guarantees in fishing, but I have fished the west coast many times and have limited out on my fish quota every time. One of the nicest perks, is at the end of the fishing day you arrive at the dock and the staff clean, fillet, vacuum pack, and freeze your fish.



Eagle Nook and Lucky Sportfishing have all different packages and prices for your getaway. From all-inclusive with fishing, to having your own boat and equipment and using their facilities.

While I was there I saw whales, porpoises, seals, bald eagles, black bear, all different species of birds and of course lots of fish! If you are ever near the west coast of Vancouver Island you should try your luck at fishing. The staff was awesome and the facility is beautiful.

Eagle Nook Resort offers a truly all-inclusive, luxury wilderness experience.


Don’t wait for retirement to enjoy life !!


  1. Hi Steve, welcome back. Such a beautiful place. The aerial view looks gorgeous. I’m glad to hear you had a great time there.

    Inspired by your previous post Gone Fishing, I got a fishing license for this year, and will give it a try this summer.

    • Hey Helen, I hope you write a post on your fishing adventure. All the pictures where taken with my iPhone except the aerial view of the broken islands.

  2. That is phenomenal Steve. The pictures and your description make me want to book a trip now. That is my kind of business travel. My business travel usually landed me at a Marriott hotel next to an interstate highway or airport terminal. Tom

    • Hi Tom,
      You should book the trip, the scenery and wildlife is awesome and the facilities beats the Marriott hotel next to an interstate highway or airport terminal.

  3. Beautiful pictures!! Did you take a picture of the black bear yourself? That seems really close 🙂 I saw a black bear while hiking on a cliff edge it was probably 25 metres away on the ocean shelf/ beach area and I was trying to run away already.

    China Creek- I think that’s one of the ports of entry from the hike- Juan de Fuca or the West Coast Trail?

    That’s a great work trip- if they fed you that would be even better!!

    • Hey GYM, it is a good gig and an awesome place to go. You are right the Juan de Fuca trail goes from china beach to Port Renfrew, the West Coast trail goes from Port Renfrew to Tofino. China creek is half way between Port Renfrew and Tofino. The picture of the black bear is not mine but I have an identical picture on my phone just a little bit blurred so I decided to use the one on Eagle nook website..

    • Hi Glen,
      Yes, you do have to enjoy yourself and not only focus on the money or career. Thanks for stopping by!

  4. @Steve: Looks like you had a really good time!! I checked out their fishing package – looks awesome, but may be some time before I can afford that as the wife would definitely not allow me enjoy the luxury alone 😉
    Good for you on taking some time off!

    • I hear ya !!
      Maybe you can make it a spa/wildlife tour for two and since you are on the west coast you can try fishing.
      Have a good week Enoch.

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