Interesting Stuff on the Web Volume 30


Interesting stuff on the web is what I have read through out the week. I read a lot of articles and there is always a few that I feel is worth you reading. Often I have a different opinion than the articles I post on Interesting Stuff On The Web but they are all well written pieces. Here are the links. Enjoy !!


The Best Day of the Week to Buy Index Funds /Dividend Geek “This post is inspired by a similar article from Rob@MustardSeedMoney. In his article Rob identifies the best day for investing in stocks as Monday. As someone who does a lot of passive investment and dollar cost investing I was intrigued by his conclusion. I decided to do the math to figure out if Monday is indeed the best day for dollar cost averaging on a weekly basis. Are you ready?”

Investment Risks All Investors Should Understand/Savvy New CanadianWhen it comes to investing, risk is par for the course. Acknowledging and understanding the risks your investments face is a key first step in ensuring your portfolio is designed to conform with your risk tolerance, investment objectives, and peace of mind.”

What’s the most important asset?/Retire Early Helen “As an early retiree, I got a lot of time to do day dreaming and self reflections. Lately I keep asking myself: “What’s the most important asset to me?”

Asset Allocation: Do You Have Canadian Home Bias?/Gen Y MoneyOne of the important tenets of DIY investing is to make sure your asset allocation is on track and ‘on point’. According to Investopedia, asset allocation is an investment strategy that balances risk and reward by looking at your time frame, your risk tolerance, and your investing goals.”

The New Millionaires | Concluding thoughts | Part 6/Dividend DiversifyWelcome back. This is the sixth and last part of the series on building and analyzing wealth in America. Today we focus on conclusions regarding new millionaires. But, before we get started, I would like to provide a quick recap of the series.”





Don’t wait for retirement to enjoy life !!


  1. Steve, thanks a lot for the mention. GYM’s post about Canadian home bias is a very good one. It reminds me to take a look at my asset allocation, and see if it makes sense. Tom’s Millionaire series is very interesting, and helpful for anyone who wants to be a millionaire. Enoch’s article is a great summary about investment risks we all face daily. Have a great weekend.

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