Interesting Stuff on the Web Volume 28

Interesting stuff on the web is what I have read through out the week. I read a lot of articles and there is always a few that I feel is worth you reading. Often I have a different opinion than the articles I post on Interesting Stuff On The Web but they are all well written pieces. Here are the links. Enjoy !!


Build Your Wealth/Dividends Diversify “I always enjoyed reading about and studying wealthy people. In my younger years, I wondered what they knew that I did not. How did they build their wealth? What are their secrets? Are they happy?”

On a Fixed Income? Here’s The Best Places to Make that Dollar Stretch/lifepolicyshopper Retiring does not mean retiring from life. No, for many people, it’s the beginning of a new life. It’s the beginning of your bucket list. You finally get to do all the things you’ve been longing to do for years! Free from the office, it’s your time to explore!”

It’s not all doom and gloom for Canadian stocks/Financial Post  “It has been a tough run for Canadian investors, especially those who have stayed closer to home when it comes to their equity portfolios. So far, the S&P TSX is among the worst performing markets in the world this year; over a longer horizon, it doesn’t get much better, with Canadian equities having delivered a paltry 4 per cent annualized return over the past decade.”

PS: The less you spend, the less you need to earn!/Budgets are Sexy  “Three years ago I stumbled across a passage from Mr. Money Mustache that completely changed how I view my expenses. It came from an article I had read on many occasions prior – and is one of his most popular – but for whatever reason it never hit me as hard as it did then, perhaps because I wasn’t open enough to fully appreciate it at the time.”


Don’t wait for retirement to enjoy life !!


  1. Hi Steve, Thanks for the link to Build Your Wealth.

    I enjoyed the article on stretching the dollar. We are think about moving to a lower cost location in the coming years. Both Indiana and Tennessee are on are list and appear to be well represented in that article. Tom

    • Hi Tom,

      I often think about moving to a lower cost location especially for 6 months in the winter somewhere warm. Thanks for putting your article together “Build Your Wealth” I am enjoying the series.

  2. Hi Steve, I like Tom’s article. Many people want to be a millionaire, but not every one knows how. It’s a step-by-step process, and takes time and persistence to get there. J. Money’s post is good, too. Controlling spending is always a good way to accumulate wealth. Thanks for sharing.

    • Hi Helen,
      Both articles (Tom’s & J money) go hand in hand with building wealth. I agree building wealth is a step-by-step process, and takes time and persistence to get there. Have a nice weekend (springs here!)

    • Hi Enoch,

      J money’s article was very good. I am not a minimalist but I do like saving money on purchases. I also like Tom’s series on building your wealth, it brings everything together saving and investing.

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