Interesting Stuff on the Web Volume 24

Interesting stuff on the web is what I have read through out the week. I read a lot of articles and there is always a few that I feel is worth you reading. Often I have a different opinion than the articles I post on Interesting Stuff On The Web but they are all well written pieces. Here are the links. Enjoy !!

Money Shouldn’t Trump Family but in Dysfunctional Families It Does/Gen Y MoneySome of you may know from reading The Family Black Sheep and the Effect on my Finances that I come from a dysfunctional family. My mom had a laissez faire style of parenting and my father was not very involved other than supporting the family monetarily. He had a pretty paternalistic approach and valued my brother above my sisters and I because he is male.”

Best ETF for 2018/MoneySenseThis sixth annual installment of the MoneySense ETF All-Stars should reassure long-time, passive, buy-and-hold investors as we largely have stayed the course, albeit with three additions and the creation of a new game-changing category.”

Why Trump’s Latest Move Is a Disaster for Stocks/The Oxford Club  Three weeks ago, I wrote a column about why investors should fear Trump’s “really dumb idea” – his decision to slap tariffs on U.S. aluminum and steel imports.
Some readers objected, arguing that Trump is a brilliant negotiator and pointing out that the market – after stumbling briefly – seemed to have shrugged the whole thing off. But it hasn’t shrugged it off lately.”

18 Best Places to Travel in 2018/Amy Cassell  “we recommend adding “plan a vacation” to the top of the list. We found buzz-worthy destinations with new resorts, exciting cruise calls, and noteworthy celebrations next year. Here are the 18 best places to travel in 2018.”


I am away and off the grid for the Easter long weekend. I hope you all have a nice long weekend with friends and family.


Don’t wait for retirement to enjoy life !!




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