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Interesting stuff on the web is what I have read through out the week. I read a lot of articles and there is always a few that I feel is worth you reading. Often I have a different opinion than the articles I post on Interesting Stuff On The Web but they are all well written pieces. Here are the links. Enjoy !!


House Prices Falling In Majority Of Canadian Cities As New Rules Kick In/HuffPost Canada House prices fell in a majority of Canadian cities in January, the first month of tough new mortgage rules at the major banks, new data shows. The latest edition of the Teranet-National Bank House Price Index shows prices falling in seven of the 11 cities covered.” 

How to Increase Your Net Worth by $700,000 in 7 Years/Marriage, Kids and MoneyOne fall night in 2010, my wife Nicole and I were watching the Suze Orman Show. (Yes, I used to DVR it). There was this fun segment where someone would call in and Suze would analyze that person’s financial health and give them a grade. It was called How Am I Doing.”

Why 60/40/Ryan Lewenza/The Greater FoolAll it took was a bit of volatility and a 10% market correction to wake investors up from their low volatility induced stupor. Well a “bit of volatility” is maybe downplaying what we’ve witnessed in recent weeks with the VIX or “fear index” rocketing higher from a near historical low of 9 in early January to a peak of 37 in early February.”

Benjamin Graham’s Timeless Advice/Money TalksBorn in 1894, Graham, author of the Intelligent Investor worked in managerial economics and investing which led to value investing within mutual funds, hedge funds, diversified holding companies. Throughout his career, Graham had many notable disciples who went on to receive substantial success in the world of investment”



Don’t wait for retirement to enjoy life !!


    • Hi Tom, it’s worth reading if you have the time. I read the book 20 + years ago and Warren Buffett described him as “the most influential person in his life after my own father”. Have a great weekend .

  1. Interesting links. I wonder for how long the recent mortgage rules will dampen the market? If recent history is anything to go by, the uptick in prices would likely kick in soon again.

    Benjamin Graham is definitely a good source of advice when it comes to investing. I bought “intelligent investor” in 2015 but have yet to finish reading it…other books keep bumping my attention. Its been a good read so far.

    • Hey Enoch,
      You are more educated on the mortgage rules than I,(I read all your real estate blogs) it will be interesting what will happen with the housing market in the coming months. There is so many different opinions on the housing market and I think it will be different depending on what province you live in.

      Benjamin Graham is a great book and I think I will have to re-read it soon as it has been many years since I originally read The Intelligent Investor

  2. I’ve read the Intelligent Investor twice and it’s still difficult to grapple all the concepts in the book. I have yet to read Security Analysis this year!

    Instead I’m reading a trashy financial book (in comparison to Intelligent Investor and Security Analysis) called “Rule #1 by Phil Town” haha. It’s an easy read so far!

    Interesting post about $700K in 7 years! It’s amazing what time and effort can do 🙂

    • Hi GYM, I haven’t read security analysis yet either but I think it will be the next book I read.
      I like trashy financial book so maybe I will put Rule #1 by Phil Town on my list of reads.

      I agree it is amazing what time and effort can achieve.

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