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Interesting stuff on the web is what I have read through out the week. I read a lot of articles and there is always a few that I feel is worth you reading. Often I have a different opinion than the articles I post on Interesting Stuff On The Web but they are all well written pieces. Here are the links. Enjoy !!


Everything an investor needs in a single ETF/MoneySense Vanguard Investments Canada Inc. has announced the listing of three new low-cost Asset Allocation ETFs that give investors one-stop shopping to the firm’s globally diversified strategies. This is a significant move that not only creates a smart, low-fee, all-in-one portfolio but will also act as a challenge to the rise of so-called robo advisors.

What Happens To An RRSP, RRIF, or TFSA After Death/Savvy New CanadianDepending on how your registered accounts are set up, they may be treated differently when you, the owner or annuitant, dies. Ensuring you set up your savings or retirement accounts properly and writing a will should be part of your estate planning. And the sooner you get it done, the better.”

My Only Regret In Life: Speed To A Million/Dividends DiversifyAccording to a Fidelity Investment report, which reviewed over 15 million Americans who have accounts with them, they reported some interesting statistics. On average, women achieve the status of 401k millionaire at the age of 58.5. Meanwhile, the average man achieves this status at 59.3.”

10 best value places to visit/Lonely PlanetBest in travel 2018, Ten destinations to tempt frugal travelers”


Don’t wait for retirement to enjoy life !!



  1. I’m excited about the new Vanguard ETFs too. It’s going to be really easy to invest and this will give Robo Advisors run for their money.

    Too bad am adding to my position in POW, since they own WealthSimple, one of the leading Robo Advisors ha.

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