Alan Greenspan Video From Stagnation To Stagflation


Here is a YouTube video

Alan Greenspan talking about going from stagnation to stagflation. The last few minutes talks about Bitcoin.

Video is 6:11 min Enjoy !




Don’t wait for retirement to enjoy life !!


  1. Steve, It seems like an eternity since he was running the Fed and in the news all the time. He had created kind of a cult like status back in his day.

    He’s not very optimistic about the fiscal situation here in the US and I am never quite sure what to make of crypto’s.

    Interesting info.


    • Hey Tom, I thought I was the only one old enough to remembered Alan Greenspan. LOL

      I have seen a few interviews with him and surprised how negative he is on the economy.
      Many people echo your feeling on crypto-currencies.

      Thanks for commenting

  2. Hey Steve,

    I think an trend I have noticed is that with age people get more pessimistic in finance. Most people that is. Bill Gross comes to mind.

    Maybe they are right because they have more perspective. I just take it all with a grain of salt.

    • Hi DM, You might be right as we age we become more pessimistic. I am sure there is a study somewhere on the topic. I read and watch a lot of videos and then make my own conclusions.

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