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Mexico Trip Report/Cost breakdown

Mexico Trip Report

We are back from a week in Mexico. Had a fantastic time. This is our six time down to a little town 45min drive north of Puerto Vallarta. We have family that live there six months of the year, so this makes it affordable for us to have a quick getaway.

We bought a direct flight from Victoria to Puerto Vallarta which I used a reward companion fare. There is cheaper flights, but since we were using the companion fare it was worth getting the direct flight, 4.5hrs versus most of the day traveling ( I will take the direct flight, thank you).

We were picked up at the airport and went to the Mega Store for groceries and beverages. Then off to the beach. Since we have been there several times, we stay away from touristy stuff. Mainly went to the markets, visited the small towns and shops, and walked the beach.

Airfare for two with companion fare and taxes $1134, groceries and beverages $69, spending money $350
Total cost for the two of us for 7 days was $1553 Canadian. That is with free accommodations and free use of a car.


Giving up technology for one week

In case you where wondering. In last weeks blog post Giving up technology for one week. I was not bringing my laptop or cell phone with me on holiday. Believe it or not, it was easy; The hardest  for me was not checking email. I had a little bit of a withdrawal from not getting the news or reading all the ER/FIRE blogs. For the week I spent less than 1/2hr with TV, phone or internet.
Now I am back to the grind, I intend to not carry my phone with me everywhere I go and not check email as often. It surprises me how much time is wasted with technology.

Other Blog Trip Report

I always enjoy reading other bloggers holiday plans and cost breakdowns so here is a few you might enjoy. Their pictures are awesome !

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Don’t wait for retirement to enjoy life !!


Danielle DiMartino Booth Video Inflation and Deflation Simultaneously

Here is a YouTube Video

Danielle DiMartino Booth – 2018 – Inflation and Deflation Simultaneously

Video is 42:21 min Enjoy !!



Don’t wait for retirement to enjoy life !!