2018 Predictions

2018 Predictions

Here is a few links of 2018 predictions I have read over the last few weeks.

Global Markets: 10 Expectations for 2018/ Kristina Hooper of InvescoMy base case scenario remains that the stock market will continue to perform well in 2018 — although that doesn’t mean we won’t experience a pullback during the year.”

5 Predictions From Economists For 2018/Money tipsWho would dare to make economic predictions for 2018 in the age of Trump? We can try, with the help of economists and other experts in the financial field. Here are our predictions for five major economic metrics in 2018.”

The 3 Most Profitable Market Themes for 2018/Greg GuenthnerThe major averages are resting near all-time highs. Bitcoin is getting volatile. And today marks the final installment of our wildest market guesses for 2018…”

10 “Grey Swans” Events for 2018/Zero Hedge  “One of the traditional push backs against attempts to predict “black swan” events is that they are by default unpredictable, rendering the entire exercise moot. However, for the second year in a row, Nomura’s Bilal Hafeez has found a loophole, or rather loop-animal: the grey swan.”

Outlook 2018: The Bull Market’s Next Act / Barrons magazine  “Wall Street’s eight-year love affair with stocks kicked into overdrive this year, spurred by a stronger economy, the likelihood of tax cuts, and a lack of compelling investment alternatives.”

The 2018 Fortune Crystal Ball/ Fortune Editors “Good businesses keep up with the hottest trends. Great ones anticipate them. To help you discern what’s coming next, we’ve mined the forecasts, predictions, and projections from countless sources and polled Fortune’s in-house experts to bring you this look at the coming year.” 


My prediction for the coming year. Most prediction will be wrong. Stay balanced and diversified.


What is your predictions for 2018 ?


  1. Well, one can predict but at times, you look at the market and ask yourself the question: “Is market actually predictable?” With all the fundamental and technical analysis, things can still go wrong.

    • Happy New Year MyfinanciallKits, I agree, my prediction for the coming year: Most prediction will be wrong. Nobody really knows what the market will do in 2018. Still fun to guess, and hope you are right. Thanks for stopping by.

  2. Hi Steve, I really have no idea what will happen in 2018. If I were to guess, the markets will drift higher in the first quarter on the strength of the corporate tax cut. Dividend increases and buybacks will be also be strong in 2018 because of the tax cut and high corporate profits. Spring through fall, markets will be volatile and pull back. We will have modest low single digit returns for the year in the S&P 500. Here’s what I know for sure: 1) I will spend less than my income, 2)I will save/invest the excess on a regular basis, 3) I will keep investment costs to a minimum and 4) I will look for opportunities to tax loss harvest any of my holdings where possible to offset gains and get the maximum tax write off. Happy New Year! Tom

    • Happy New Year Tom, I don’t make predictions but I think yours sounds reasonable with low single digit gains. Your 4 points that you know for sure: we should all live by.

  3. Tom’s predictions seem pretty good!

    I agree the market will probably be strong the first quarter given the tax cut, but after that, who knows!

    I’ll continue with my Dollar Cost Averaging strategy 😉

    Here is ONE prediction that I will share: I predict that I might get more sleep as a new mom in 2018. Haha! (I hope I will anyway!)

    Happy New Year!

  4. Good conclusion to your article – most predictions will be wrong and we will likely end up with just the opposite of what many think will happen….and some predictions will appear to be right…accidentally… A broken clock is right twice a day type of scenario.

    Happy New Year, Steve, and best wishes for 2018!

    • Hi Enoch, I like reading others predictions for amusement, but I will stick to my investment strategy. I wish you and your family the best in 2018.

    • Ha Ha! I predict you would do a fine job ruling the world.
      Happy New Year, Steve, and best wishes to you and your family for 2018!

  5. I agree 100%, stay balanced and diversified,that’s the best we can all do!
    I also predict …I will get laid off! I just don’t know exactly when yet:(
    All the best for 2018 Steve.

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