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Interesting stuff on the web is what I have read through out the week. I read a lot of articles and there is always a few that I feel is worth you reading. Often I have a different opinion than the articles I post on Interesting Stuff On The Web but they are all well written pieces. Here are the links. Enjoy !!


Dangers of expecting too much from the market/John De Goey “What sort of return are you expecting in 2018 and beyond? Most people I talk to who do retirement planning projections use numbers that are markedly higher than what is being recommended.” 

The Best Countries for a Secure Retirement/Investopedia “Looking for a safe haven for retirement? The world’s top five countries for a secure retirement lie in Europe, according to the 2017 Global Retirement Index developed by Natixis Global Asset Management and CoreData Research. In fact, Northern Europe dominates the top 10, with eight entries.”

The Countries with the Most Debt Per Person/Mustard Seed MoneyGovernments like to spend money in areas such as building roads, hospitals, and schools, and even on defense. These media pundits will even point out that heavy national debt is a sign of wealth. You only lend money to those who you are sure will pay you back, right?

The Rude Awakening Of Slumbering Bulls/Lance Roberts Near the end of each year, Barron’s magazine highlights the outlooks for the next year from 10, or so, Wall Street strategists. As noted recently by Sentiment Trader.”

Watch Out, Canada: Half Of Housing Booms End In Crisis/Daniel Tencer “A new study from New Zealand’s central bank has a word of warning for those involved in Canada’s long-booming housing markets: There’s a good chance it will end badly, and people at the lower end of the income ladder will get hit hardest if and when it does.”

Don’t wait for retirement to enjoy life !!



  1. Hi Steve, I like and agree with the article on investment returns. It’s that darn inflation and those pesky fees rearing their ugly heads again.

    You being a Canadian resident (I think?), what’s your take on Canada’s real estate market? I am far from an expert or even the least bit informed, but some of the stuff I hear reminds me of the US back before our real estate bust, financial crisis, etc. Tom

    • Hi Tom, it seems there is a lot of annalists that are predicting between 5-7% in 2018 (nobody really knows). Inflation and fees can definitely make a huge difference to your portfolio.

      Canadian real estate ? I don’t know, I have been wrong on real estate. For the last few years I have been waiting for a correction and real estate keep going up. With Canadian household debt at 169 per cent of disposable income, Its looking a lot like the US in 2006.

    • It’s all the Chinese money. I think real estate prices 2 hours from Toronto have gone up 3x in the past 2 years. It’s absolutely insane!

      The real estate market has really stalled this year, and when homes hit the market in January/February, I think the market will finally fall.

      • Hey Troy, also with the new government regulations (stress test) coming Jan 1 and with Vancouver/Toronto foreign home buyers tax it will be interesting to see how real estate will hold up? Any time government gets involved I am always a little concerned.

  2. P.S…..Thanks for putting Dividends Diversify on your blog roll. I just happened to notice before I left and while I was refreshing on your about page (Victoria, I see) I plan to get my blog roll up and running in the coming weeks and will be sure to include Pursuing Retirement. Tom

  3. Thanks for mentioning me on your blog roll too!!

    You know, people have been saying the market is going to crash for YEARS. Even in 2010 when I bought my house in Vancouver (then sold in 2012). I was mentioned on Garth Turner’s blog and pretty much roasted.

    Now the numbers have just become completely completely ridiculous.

    People are spending 50% of their gross pay on their homes- we are in really dangerous territory. I hope that it crashes– the communities in Vancouver are ‘off’ because families are moving further away into the suburbs and there’s not enough teachers in the schools because they can’t afford to live in Vancouver.

    • What Roasted on Garth Turners Blog !! LOL I like reading his blog but Some pretty harsh comments on that forum.

      Vancouver is even crazier than Victoria but I am not hoping for a crash, maybe a slow correction. Real estate is a huge part of our economy if it tanks so will our economy. Thanks GYM

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