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Interesting stuff on the web is what I have read through out the week. I read a lot of articles and there is always a few that I feel is worth you reading. Often I have a different opinion than the articles I post on Interesting Stuff On The Web but they are all well written pieces. Here are the links Enjoy !

Top 20 Places to Retire if You Hate the Cold “When you reach retirement age, there’s no reason why you should spend your freedom from the rat race in the freezing cold. You can be a snowbird and seek warmer climes every winter or you can retire to one of these places. We’ve picked places suitable to different preferences and tried to stay away from the common spots jammed with ex-pats. Better start topping up that RRSP!” 

The End/Garth Turner The Greater Fool “Dying sucks. But it’s universal. It’s the only event in life that, with 100% certainty, arrives. We can deny it all we want, pretend to be forever young, believe our children make us eternal and put off preparing indefinitely, but the result’s the same.”

Six Themes That Will Drive the Next Five Years/ Robert Huebscher “Those looking for an optimistic forecast for U.S. equities can turn to Northern Trust. Bob Browne, its chief investment officer, identified six themes that will drive the capital markets over the next five years. Taken together, they translate to 5.9% annual returns for U.S. stocks over that period, which includes 2017.”

These places around the world will pay you to move to them “In order to reverse falling population trends, fill empty homes and jobs and boost the local economies there are some places on the planet where the local government will actually pay you or offer other incentives to get you to relocate there. We take a look at where you could receive more than just a warm welcome.”


  1. Sadly, I had to quickly check out the top 20 places to retire if you hate the cold article…lol. I have to say I wish I could teleport to one of these places right now, given the frigid winter that is upon us here in Winterpeg!

    • Hi Enoch. Not to rub it in but we are having awesome weather on the west coast (sunny 7′) but last month it rained a lot. Any time after October I always start dreaming of warm weather destinations, that’s why I always throw in at least one for interesting stuff on the web.

  2. Haha, I liked the LAST one in the top 20 places- Door to Hell.
    Actually they are all amazing!!

    I spent a week in Kolkata over 10 years ago and remember how cheap it was- I ate like a queen, had $1 Fried rice, and stayed for $2 a night a the Salvation Army hostel.

    Asuncion is also a very nice place, but you have to speak Spanish lol.

    • They sound like great places to travel. I keep seeing Kolkata on the travel shows it looks like cheap interesting travel destination.

    • 100% agree Troy. I traveled the east coast of Australia (Sydney to cape tribulation) Amazing lifestyle and the people are so friendly and helpful. Back in the day you where only guaranteed a 1 year working visa and it seemed hard to stay longer.( I am sure the visa requirements have changed) My wife and I was considering living in Australia. Australia is in the top 10 places to retire for me. Thanks for stopping by

  3. Steve, Thanks for the articles. I found the economic forecast interesting and reasonable, but not really all that optimistic. The 6% return on stocks after the 2% inflation forecast gives us a real return of 4%. Let’s say the tax man takes 20% then we are down to an after tax real rate of return of 3.2% much of which will come from dividends. Bonds and cash will likely return less. This is not exactly life changing money. I think the take home message for anyone who is using the financial markets to save for retirement is to spend less and save more, because the markets aren’t going to bail you out. Tom

    • Hi Tom, I didn’t find Bob Browne article very optimistic either (6% return). His forecast seems reasonable but nobody knows what the next 5 years will be. Spend less and save more sounds like the best plan.

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