Robert Shiller Video

Here is a YouTube Video. It is 11:23 min Enjoy !

If you are interested I have written a post Here about YouTube copyright policies.


Robert Shiller // On The Growing Market Worries



  1. Hmm I couldn’t find the link to that video. Then I googled it but my Internet is slow right now so I’ll have to check it out another time 🙂 Looks like a good video though!

    • Nevermind, my Internet is so slow that the video took like 10 minutes to appear on your page!

      Watched the video, I am scared and trying to hoard more cash now. Haha 🙂

      • Hi GYM, how frustrating. I am glad it finally worked for you. I hope for the rest of the time in Hawaii your internet is working better.

    • Yes very smart guy. Agree nobody really knows but that is why I like to throw other people’s opinion, either in video or articles on the website.

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