Second Month of Blogging

Second month of Blogging 

Disclaimer I suck at writing and might even suck at blogging, so why do I do it ? Maybe to get better at writing and blogging?

It’s certainly not for the money – I am pretty happy just getting a couple views a day.

Like so many other people I enjoy reading and being part of the FIRE community. I have been fortunate and have had some success in my own financial life, but not even close to the net worth some of the other bloggers. I continue reading other people’s successes and it inspires me to keep investing and saving. Maybe that’s why?


All the comments from Pursuing Retirement have been positive and encouraging and I really enjoy seeing how many read my posts, and what countries people are from. For me having a blog has been a huge learning experience. That is one reason why. What is your reason for reading financial blogs?


2 month Pursuing Retirement update

It has been 60 days since Pursuing Retirement was born. The blog has published 37 articles and had 3209 views from 10 countries. ­ That is a huge win !! I have learned how to use WordPress and set up a website(at least the basics). It has been a great experience.


Goals for October/November

Lately, the schedule for the blog has been, Sundays the Word of the Week, and an article I write about the Word of the Week. Tuesday, a video or something of interest, and on Thursday’s Interesting Stuff on the Web which is cool things I have read throughout the week. I read a lot of articles and there is always a few that I feel is worth you reading. .

The blog has to focus on social media because as of now there is only a Facebook page and Google+. Considering having a presence on Twitter and Pinterest? If anybody has tips to share I would appreciate them.


Thank You for all your views


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