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First month of blogging

It’s been one month that I have been blogging. I have learned so much and realize I need to learn sooo much more. After 30 days I have had 1031 views, 18 posts, 97 visitors, from 4 different countries. Most of that has been me checking how the site looks and pursuing retirement is now my home page, but I will take that as a huge win !! I have learned how to use WordPress and to set up a website(at least the basics). It has been a great experience.

Thank you for all the views.


Here is some other early retirement blogs you should check out:

Canadian dream free at 45  One of the first blogs I followed. Tim only writes a couple times a month now but there are hundreds of posts in his archives.

Mr Money Mustache Probably the most popular early retirement blog on the internet.

Retire by 40  Is one of the best early retirement blogs. Joe is a fantastic writer.

Think Save Retire Steve and his wife live in an Airstream trailer and he writes about early retirement.

Financial Samurai  Sam has one of the best personal finance blogs and is a great writer.

Mr Tako Escapes  Mr. Tako saved over 50% of his salary and reached financial independence at age 38. He retired in 2015.


Here is a few Links to travel blogs you should check out:

A Streamin Life Steve and Courtney also write the blogs, Full Time Explorers, and Think Save Retire

Our Open Road A family of 4 travels in their VW Westfalia.

Who We Be Robert & Robin retired at age 43 to travel the world.



  1. Congrats !! looks like your off to a good start.

    Thanks for the links to the other blogs, some of them I haven’t heard of.

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