10 best places to retire

International Living 10 best places to retire

I recently read an article at International Living website, about 10 best places to retire. I am not sure what my favorite place to retire would be. Probably somewhere down in south/central America or Mexico. At least for the winter months I would like to go for the sun and the cheaper cost of living. I think the first couple years of full-time retirement we will RV around North America. We are RVers and love our camping/RV adventures.¬† I have received a daily email International Living Postcard for years now, and they are inspirational especially receiving them in the middle of winter. It’s always nice to dream.

Check this out:

Top 10 Retirement places


  1. I lived in Costa Rica for 2 years when I finished school and have returned many times since. It was great and I have lots of memories. I would recommend Costa Rica as a retirement destination. Pura Vida (the pure life)

    • I agree Maria. I have never been to Costa Rica. Another place to go, it’s on my bucket list. It looks amazing.

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