Why I Work Part Time


My decision to semi-retire was an easy one for me. We have been saving and investing for years and we paid our mortgage off on our house. We financially were in a good position and I realized we could both work part-time and still retire in our early fifties as well as help our kids thru post-secondary. I also came to the realization that being a small business owner was rewarding but also very stressful with a lot of liability. We had very few problems over the years, and always had lots of work, but you still have to make the payroll and pay the monthly bills. You are also required to work 24-7 to be available for clients. A small business has plenty of bookkeeping, paper work and making sure all equipment is ready for work. It really wasn’t a hard decision for me to decide to downsize early.
Financially, sure I would have been better to suck it up and keep working full time as I would be fairly close to full-time retirement now. But it wasn’t worth it to me or Mrs PR. The other factor is hopefully we will live a long life, and keeping some money coming in makes me feel a little more secure. To be quite honest I don’t even feel like I work anymore and am just busy with life. That’s why I didn’t fully pull the plug on working. Would you consider going to a lesser job or work part time but work longer ?


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