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Word of the week : Debt
Webster dictionary definition
1.  That which is due from one person to another, whether money, goods, or services; that which one person is bound to pay to another, or to perform for his benefit; thing owed; obligation; liability.
When you run in debt, you give to another power over your liberty.
– Franklin.
2.  A duty neglected or violated; a fault; a sin; a trespass.
3.  (Law) An action at law to recover a certain specified sum of money alleged to be due.
Bond debt
etc. See under Bond, Book, etc.

Mr PR comment:
Savings are a gift to the future Debt is a burden on it.
I have read this quote a few times over the years and I am not sure who originally wrote it but a very wise person.


Don’t wait for retirement to enjoy life!!


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